Monday, December 11, 2006

A tale of two approaches to governing

Here is a news article about CET being abolished. From the looks of it the Tamil Nadu Government is planning to do that this year.

Here is another news article about 12th Standard marks being given weight age for determining your Engineering/Medical entrance ranks. This is planned for 2009.

Irrespective of whether either of the above decisions are right or wrong, what I like is the way in which the AP government is going about implementing this system. It has given enough notice to the student community, of over three years atleast for them to be prepared . All those who are still studying in 10th, can go about choosing their college taking this extra requirement into view.

Whereas if you are a student in Tamil Nadu, you still don't know if you need to study for the entrance test or concentrate only on your 12th Standard even for the current year.

Wish more Governments set a clearly drawn timetable when they propose big changes, not just in education, but in other areas too

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