Thursday, December 07, 2006

Schools in Hyderabad

Note : The data in this post is for academic year beginning June 2007. Dates, Fees, etc may have changed for the academic year beginning June 2008

Note 2 : A publicly editable spread sheet is now available. Click here to view/edit that spread sheet. Click here to view the original spreadsheet.

This is a compilation of information about some schools in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Hope some one out there finds this useful as a starting point for the dreaded "searching for a good school for my child/children". This was the information I had gleaned while searching for what school to put my niece/nephew into in Hyderabad , when they return from the US next year. I have considered 15 schools which might fall into the wish list of a SEC A parent in the city .

Here are some "findings" :

* The sought after schools charge upwards of Rs 25000 p.a
* The upcoming schools are located in places like Kompally , Cyberabad, Kondapur etc - These are the places where the real estate market is booming as well.
* The application forms are issued for barely a week . And sometimes filled in forms are to be submitted within 2 working days.So it's best to check out the newspapers everyday for their adverts
* They do have entrance test for 1'st std in Maths and English . This is followed by an interview with parents and the child. HPS insists on a parent interview.
* Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and HPS do not admit students into pre primary. They take students only at 1'st std level.
* Among the surveyed schools , DPS and Oakridge International . seem to tout their teacher calibre the most .
* The new age concept schools like Gowtham Model , Narayana Concept etc , do not have a play ground even for nursery. However they do take students( primary upwards) to the Corporation Park twice a week for PT Classes.

Here is the complete spread sheet

Schools covered
Hyderabad Public School
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Bhavan's Vidyashram
Chinmaya Vidyalaya
Gowtham Model School
Narayana Concept School
Delhi Public School
DRS International
Chirec Public School
St Anns High School
Slate-The School
Little Flower High School
Oakridge International School

Columns in the spread sheet
School Name
Phone No
Streams offered ( CBSE,ICSE, SSC)
Admission process
a.Application Form
Prospectus Cost
Registration Fees
Entry Level
Age eligibility
a. Tuition Fees
b.One time Fees/deposit
Facilities offered
a.Play Area
c.AC Classroom
e.Swimming Pool
Other information
Student Profile
Web References


varsha said...

Great spreadsheet!

RJ said...


vidya said...

Excellent research...I am searching for a school for my son and found this info helpful. Have also passed on the link to parents like me looking out for schools :)

RJ said...

Thanks Vidya. Glad you found it useful

Ravi said...

Useful and helpful.
Thanks for documenting it.

RJ said...

Thanks Ravi

Pavan said...

An additional column that mentions if parents interview is part of the selection process will be helpful.

RJ said...

Thanks for the feedback Pavan. Most schools have parent interviews as a part of the selections process.

Ravi Tirumalaraju said...

Its really helpful for me, since I am searching for school for my child in Hyd.


RJ said...

Thanks Ravi

VS Gopal said...

Good job. Thanks for this info.

Do you have any info on Hyderabad Public School, Ramanathapur.

Thanks and once again.
my e-mail is

RJ said...

Thanks Gopal.
I do not have information on HPS Ramanthpur. I can find out if you need it

Anonymous said...

Great Job. God Bless you.

I am planning to R2I and found it useful.

RJ said...

Thanks for the wishes chandra. Glad that this information was useful

aparna said...

Thats a very useful information. It helped me a lot. Can anybody please tell me the admission process for Vidyaranya school(like which class they admit kids into and the age eligibility criteria etc...i could not get that info from the spread sheet). We have 2 yr old kid and looking for schools to admit him into nursery at hyd. We are in USA now. We will be going to india in april.
Thanks in advance.

RJ said...

For vidyaranya, It is best that you contact the school right now and add your child into their waitlist. Apparently folks add their child into the waitlist as soon as the child is born :)

Bhavna said...

Thanks for the list.What about feed on International School of Hyderabad which is for expats ?

RJ said...

Sorry for teh delayed reply. I have no information on the international school of hyderbad

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

While searching school details came across this blog and the spreadsheet. Its one very good effort put in there.
Surely helps to quickly narrow down.

As mentioned the data is for year 2006 which must have changed now. Further there are many more new schools which have come up in and around Madhapur.
Like - Meridian , DPS, Silver Oaks in Kompally, Future kids and so on.

If latest info and details on the new school can be added will of more help.


Anonymous said...

We are moving back to India (Hyderabad), around January 24 2008. Our 7 years old boy was in 2nd grade in US. I was wondering what all the paperworks I should request from the School in US, for his release.

Can he get a mid session admision in India. Any one please help:

Anonymous said...

Great List : Some of our experience with few schools :

Anonymous said...

Your esteemed visitors may wish to be informed about a valuable preschool resource available at Begumpet, Hyderabad.

Kanti Child Care & Education Centre (since 1996)
Director: Kanti Rajan MA BEd (retired Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet)
Ground Floor, Kundan Towers, Mayuri Marg, Begumpet, Hyderabad 500 016
Tel: 040 27760519 9247584877

Raghupathi said...

Greetings. Kindly send me a list of all the corporate firms who have started Rural Public scools/Concept schools /21st century Gurukulams etc.,

Raghupathi.s said...

Hi! Is there any corporate firm interested to establish a Rural public scool within 50 Km from Tirupati/95 Km from Chennai/16 Km from Srikalahasthi in a roadside rectangular goernment plot of 60 acres. Kindly contct me for more details.

Anonymous said...

We are planning to move to Hyderabad in June. Need feedback on the Oakridge international school and Orchid International school? My son will be going in the 4th grade. Any clue what the entrance exam for most of the school contains?

Thanks Rajeev

Sunil Kumar said...

Excellent information. Thanks alot for your hardwork but it helps to save lot of peoples effort. simply superb. I'm searching for a school for my daughter near saidabad colony or dilsukh nagar. Could please advise if you come across any good school to join nursery.

Anonymous said...

hi this is martin:it is more helpful if u can provide with the phone numbers of the schools tht u hav mentoined

barbadkatte said...

The phone numbers are there in spread sheet. Please let me know in case you do not see them there.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate your effort. Perhaps we can have this editable so that new information can be updated as time passes by. Can have qualitative inputs as well!

Good Job

barbadkatte said...

Anon @ 6/11/2008 11:37 AM
Thanks for the suggestion. A publicly editable spreadsheet is now available here

Anonymous said...


Im gald to read all the info given in this site. Im going through a v bad situation of my life. My kids were in DPS - Jeddah Saudi. There they were doing well enough but i wanted to move form there for the sake of real hydi DPS and unfortunately my kids cudnt get admission in DPS hyd coz we were late and all the seats were full.
So i admistted my kids in NASR boys Gachi bowli. Its a worst school i have even seen,i am a teacher and i know the way that school is fools the unknown parents. PLZZZ can any body help me in getting admission for my kids in DPS or HPS or any good school irrespective of any donations but i am desperately looking for a new and CBSE school for my kids. How about Future Kids and Glandale? Can anybody reply me? My id is or
PLZ guide me asap..

White said...


I am unable to view the headings on the sheet. Hence the yes or no dont make meaning to me. Could you please email me the sheet at Thanks!!

Hyderabad said...

Great Analysis!! Couple of things to add:
1. Schools tend to ask for donations. Some in the form of cash
2. Majority of the schools charge Rs. 1000/- towards prospectus
3. DPS has two franchisees with a total of 4 schools. DPS Mahendra Hills and DPS Nacharam need to be considered. (Located in Secunderabad)
4. Other good schools - Meridian, DAV, St. Andrews, St. Pauls, Jubilee Hill Public School.
5. BVB takes students from Lower KG. It is a mass school with Teacher: Student ratio of > 1:50
6. Visit the schools and check out. Schools admission officers usually don't allow parents to have a look at the class rooms other facilities. Please obtain the permission of the principal and visit the class rooms.

Mit said...

I'm curious on what do they ask in parent's interview?

laxman said...

Its an amazing research done by you Mr.Blogger.

To get this information you might have gone through horrible traffic to reach so many destinations and gather so much of info..Kudos to you.....

It was valuable information and i am passing on to all my friends in usa.

Meenakshi said...

Never go for Slate The School. The worst school i have ever seen in my life.Went for an admission for my niece and pulled her out after i year .Horrible English and more suitable for a cat walk show by teachers. No playground nor any activities that truly inculcate the concept in a child. Mr.Coreespondent Behaves very roughly with the parents.

Anonymous said...

These are my experiences with visits to schools having nursery.
Regarding Slate, I visited the one near Hyundai showroon Secunderabad (branch setup in June 2008)for my kid. They had nice playground, sand pit and the sliders, etc. The principal was very courteous. I went when the session was on and I found that it was ok. They teach the kids words and their meanings in couple of languages so that they can understand better. And I saw one of the kid repeat the same. They could work some more on the teachers training. They have classes only till UKG there and the atmosphere will make the kids adapt to school.
I have been to Obul reddy public school, the expectations are that the kid speak fluently, recongnizes things and toilet training done. For 2 1/2 year, who will be 2 years for the admission interview I felt the kid speaking fluently was too much to ask.

Anonymous said...

Please include some information on Glendale Academy too.

Sarita said...

I just stumbled upon your list via google. I loved your exhaustive and very painstakingly created schools list. Why not give us another updated list for 2009-10 admissions?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add GIIS Hyderabad.

Sudeep D'Souza said...

For an extensive list of schools and preschools across India visit the website

Anonymous said...

good....but ms.meenakshi is wrong in her words saying slate the school is worst. on the other side of reality it is the best school....she said mr.correspondent is very rude but just tell me where else do you get the personal numbers of higher executives for contacting them at anytime for any queries??the school has the best of teachers. once a child is in slate it just means he/she is going to be a total developed slate along with studies, it gives importance to all co-curricular activities and theme days and takes children to field trips not only to parks but for places like I.CR.I.S.A.T, A.P.P.A(andhra pradesh police academy) and several factories like milk,icecream,biscuit factories and also places like orphanage,blind school,old age home,boys town and also places like forests in srisailam,nemalipuri,alagadapa like villages which makes children understand the society around them.

Anonymous said...

this lady meenakshi who has accused slate the school seem to be very envious of thier commitment and quality. mr correspondent is not rude , infact down to earth person. it is the best school in twin citeis. every parent of slate will vouch for this. i my self has meet so many parents, who praise the school like any thing. the drop out rate of children in this school is negilgible. ya they dont tolerate teachers with no
quality. so this person who made bad comments must be the one who lost job... so trying to take revenge this way

Syed said...

good information

Bindu@Hyderabad said...

Thanks a lot for the information. I had started researching on this topic as I need to put my daughter in Nursery. will add if I come across schools or info which you have not covered

varul nathan said...

I have penned a detailed saga of my experiences with 2 schools in Hyderabad. This is my personal experiences and it is not necessary that all will face the same.
The blog is huge - check it out at:

Ann said...

I would really appreciate somebody who can give me a clear cut idea of which schools r rated as best for high school. i dont want a school where they just focus on academics. I was thinking of sloka, but my daughter is shifting from icse to cbse and second language is a problem and sloka doesn't have french. i would like a school with student teacher ratio less. has anybody got a review about jain heritage?

Hyderabad Real Estate said...
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vijaya said...


Anonymous said...

SLATE-THE SCHOOL is one of the best school in the twin cities. It prepares the children to face the challenges of life and helps them to become better citizens. In Slate-The School, frequent feedbacks are taken from the parents and thereby decisions/policies are laid. Parents are given utmost priority unlike many other schools where parents are allowed to interact with teachers only during the PTA meets.. Unfortunately, Slate-The School started In the year 2000, I wish it had started few years before so that even I could be a previliged student.. Nevermind but I would surely like to suggest other parents to opt for Slate-the school for their children if they are looking out for a school which provides Holistic education, have good faculty and management as well.

Anonymous said...

SLATE THE SCHOOL Hyderabad is one of the best school in the twin cities. It prepares the children to face the challenges of life and helps them to become better citizens. In Slate The School, frequent feedbacks are taken from the parents and thereby decisions/policies are laid. Parents are given utmost priority unlike many other schools where parents are allowed to interact with teachers only during the PTA meets.. Unfortunately, Slate-The School started In the year 2000, I wish it had started few years before so that even I could be a previliged student.. Nevermind but I would surely like to suggest other parents to opt for Slate the school for their children if they are looking out for a school which provides Holistic education, have good faculty and management as well.

Reeta said...
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Bhavana sree said...

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