Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Back to AIR

After a short tryst with private FM, I am back with All India Radio (AIR). Nothing beats AIR especially their evening 9 to 11 programs : Kahkashaan, Ek Fankaar, Chaaya Geeth & Aap ki Farmaaish. Private FM ( In Hyderabad you get Radio City, Radio Mirchi, Big FM ) seem to lack content, their RJs lack poise and have low Music to Noise ratio.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Scary ?

Selected Extracts from Business Standard . Full article

Air Deccan will now outsource cabin crew from training institutes and get paid for it in the bargain.

While this arrangement will give aspiring cabin crew of various institutes the chance to train on the job, the airline will not have to hire additional cabin crew. The institutes will pay Air Deccan for giving their trainees this opportunity.

They added that the airline was in talks with aircraft maintenance companies to work out a similar arrangement which would enable it to cut down the cost of regular maintenance.

The last part scares you the most. Now not only will be be flying with a bunch of not yet fully trained cabin crew, You will also be flying in aircraft whose maintenance is being done as a training exercise !!