Monday, April 23, 2007

Time to relearn 5th standard civics ?


It is the duty of the Parliament to legislate and the duty of the executive to implement and the judiciary's duty is to see it is implemented,'' said Sitaram Yechury, Leader, CPI(M).
For a moment consider this situation. Tainted legislators rises from the the current 25% to say 51% and then they pass a law to provide immunity to legislators from charges of "human trafficking" . Would we expect the judiciary to ensure its implementation ? or would we expect the judiciary, as the safe keeper of the constitution, to throw this law into the dustbin it belongs ?

If the above quote of Honourable Member of Parliament Sitaram Yechury conveys the understanding that an average parliamentarian has about the roles of the branches of government, it is not surprising that we constantly hear that the legislature & the judiciary are on collision course.

Perhaps Mr Yechury should take a little time off from his busy schedule and relearn his 5th standard civics lessons.