Wednesday, November 14, 2007

AP tops the chart

Andhra Pradesh has the distinction of topping the chart on the number of NGOs blacklisted by CAPART. Of course the data can be interpreted in many ways. May be the blacklisting criteria was tougher for AP, the AP based NGOs were stupid enough to get caught etc. The lesson to be learnt from this exercise is, if you plan to donate to NGOs, do your homework before giving away the money.

Here is the state wise list that I have compiled.

Andhra Pradesh 176
Bihar 123
Tamilnadu 75
Karnataka 71
Uttar Pradesh 69
Kerala 33
Rajasthan 33
Delhi 21
West Bengal 21
Haryana 20
Maharashtra 19
Orissa 19
Madhya Pradesh 14
Manipur 11
Nagaland 10
Gujarat 8
Jharkhand 8
Himachal Pradesh 6
J&K 4
Mizoram 4
Assam 2
Pondicherry 2
Chattisgarh 1
Meghalaya 1
Uttaranchal 1

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