Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Direct transfer is the way to go

From the Indian Express

To a question by Lord Meghnad Desai — why can’t we transfer money, say a dollar a day, directly to the poor? — Chidambaram said, “Cash transfer Publish Postdirectly in the hands of poor is the single most popular program to poverty alleviation until we provide them jobs. But we need to have the money for it. We will need to dismantle the existing schemes and the system. I will do my sums tonight to see if we have the money.”
Mr. Chidambaram need not do the math. He can have all the information here
My calculations shows that each BPL (below poverty line) family can get Rs 2500 per month by cutting the subsidies which have been instituted to alleviate poverty. An biometric based Unique Identification Number is the way to go to prevent fictitious claimants for these transfers. Tying this to PAN & making PAN mandatory for all financial saving transactions can weed out the pretenders.

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