Wednesday, June 27, 2007

We the people need some answers

The image below says it all. We would like to hear from our candidate what she has to say about these allegation. If they are a part of a smear campaign, let her say so. We do not want to hear from spin masters Jayanthi Natarajan, Abhishek Singhvi etc . Let the candidate speak !


Krish said...

Lemme ask you something. Suppose if a nutcase alleges that Shekawat raped a woman, would you take it seriously and ask Shekawat to come clean. The burden of proof is always on the side of people who make allegations. It is a shame that many Indians think Prathiba Patil should prove her innocence when the group making allegations didn't come up with any proof at all. I also think that Prathiba Patil is not a great candidate (due to her belief in superstitions) but the corruption allegation cannot be the reason to hate her because

1) People making allegations are known to make cheap allegations (remember Jaswant Singhs Mole in PMO nonsense)

2) There is absolutely no proof offered by them to nail her

It is time for Indians not to outsource their brain to media and BJP and do some critical thinking.

barbadkatte said...

Unfortunately in Ms Patil's case there seems reasonable chance that she was involved in the financial hanky panky.
Granted the people making allegation have low credibility (Also remember Sonia's educational qualifications issue, which rightly got the cold shoulder treatment from the Indian public ) but that does not take away from the fact something does not seem right about this candidate.

In my opinion we are going to get a third rate president. If I were running the Congress party, I would have cut the losses, tossed out Ms Patil & got a more seasoned politician as the candidate. As a president Ms Patil is going to be under tremendous media surveillance, with every action/comment of her's interpreted through various prisms. I think she would be a liability for the Congress rather than an asset even if we end up with a hung Lok Sabha in 2009.